Dogs- A4 sketchbook- watercolour pencils

Dogs- A4 sketchbook- watercolour pencils

Love the look on the pugs face. Beautifully drawn.

You always produce strong characters Lewis, Good sketching.

They say that humans always look like their dogs!!! Great work, Lewis...i know what you mean about fur....a pain! And there's so much all over our floor...again!

Both great Lewis and oozing character. Nice work

Now I know where you get your noses from for your human characters 😂😂😂

Yes, I loved the look on the pug's face too. Both have so much character.

You have certainly captured the character of this doggie Lewis. Nice sketches.

Great drawing Lewis, and wonderful characters: wouldn’t like to upset the pug!

Two fine sketches, Lewis, with your usual talent for characterisation. The one on the left IS, as you say, cartoonish, but I can't help warming to him/her. There's a "Tramp" likeability about him, like the dog from The Lady and the Tramp. That pug's standing for no nonsense. Brian

Great sketches Lew and I like the medium.

Thank you all for your comments, very encouraging as ever.

I love the pug's face, I don't think he would stand much nonsense! The other looks quite a character with his big hooter! Excellent work as always Lewis.

Expressive Pug, great.

The one on the left is lovely. The pug is fierce. Excellent drawings.

I love pugs so full of character ,this one certainly is. But I also like your curious hound on the left. He’s lovely .

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought I'd draw a pug. I like the look of them, I think they look almost human (poor things), and are already cartoonish in appearance. It was done using watercolour pencils...some wet, some dry, plus a little ordinary pencil. I didn't finish it because I was too lazy to draw more fur, but I've done enough so you can see what it is. While bits of the pug were drying I did the quick sketch on the left in pencil (about 5 minutes). I've elongated the snout, so it's cartoonish. But I think it looks every bit as doggy as the pug, which took far longer.

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