Sketch in Hearing Clinic waiting room.

Sketch in Hearing Clinic waiting room.

Ha Ha, how very apt Lew. I had an ear washout on March 27th and am still waiting for a re-test. Good work again.

Fab. Have you one on an orthopaedic theme? My girl is having her cast cut off tomorrow.

What was that you said? I wish you'd been sitting next to me on my last trip to the hospital. Great sketch, humorous too. Brian

Brilliant, this made me laugh out loud Lewis!

Brilliant, Lewis.

Been there, done that, but luckily didn't need the ear trumpet.

Love the story, Lewis, and a great appropriate sketch!!! My hubby isn't deaf...just can't ever hear what I say...hope you've not got selective hearing too!!! Brillian fun this one!!

Thanks to everyone for your response to my little sketch. It was quite funny really, I have a hearing aid that requires bits changing periodically but I managed to break a bit I can't I wasn't hearing too well. I said to the fella next to me, 'They'll call my number in a minute, give me a nudge if I'm still drawing.' He said, 'Ehh..what?' I know, sounds like I'm making it up, but it happens all the time to people with hearing aids. I repeated it louder and we had a laugh. What else can you do?

You never fail Lewis !

I must try that next time.... Taking a sketch-pad, that is. Hope your hearing clinic is a bit more advanced with their aids than this drawing suggests....

You DID make me laugh with this one, Lewis!!!

I don't think that he sees any ships either!

Hay Lewis has the dog been chewing you shirt again.

Hang on Studio Wall

Two postings today, I'm running amuck. Went to the hearing clinic at hospital early this morning, to get a broken aid fixed. One of those where you take a number and wait. My A5 sketchbook accompanys me on all these hospital jaunts (we really know how to live). Doodling helps pass the time. Drew this as it seemed appropriate. Fella sat next to me said, 'Is it me?' And him with his full head of hair and beard. Just trying to make conversation I suppose. I told him 'it's all of us.' In case you're wondering, it isn't a everybody knows I've got two teeth.

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