Boat-house pic2

Boat-house pic2

I meant to say these 'nautical style' pics were hung in the shed.

Nice work, Lewis. I’m looking for one of your brilliant characters. I know he’s there somewhere.

A lovely painting of a brewing storm Can I have it for my lady cave PLEEEESES well done Lewis

Although I'm land-locked here in the Midlands, I've always been potty about ships, sailing ships mainly. Super work Lew, and those gulls balance it up nicely.

Keep floating them in Lew. Nice work, always on a winner with boats and ships..(-:

Thanks Seth, Tao, Alan and Jim for your comments. I'm not exactly landlocked, but my 'boat-house/shed' is about 15 miles from the sea. Ships are a constant fascination.

You should do more watercolour painting Lewis, this is a lovely 😀

Great Painting Lewis.

Thank you Linda, Rachel and Carolyn.

Great painting...hope you do post some more Lewis, they're just lovely to look at

Love the light through the sails Lewis, really lovely painting.

Nicely done! Really like the back lit sails.

Hang on Studio Wall

It's curious how things develop. About 3 years ago I converted our old shed into somewhere I could paint with the messier stuff (oils, etc). At that time I went to a car boot with my grandsons...I bought a nice ship in a bottle, and a scale model of a fishing yawl. I joked with my grandsons that my altered shed was going to be a museum about ships. So they began buying me 'sea-going' related items (bless em), mostly pirate figures. They and their parents are car-boot fans. We began to call the shed the 'Boat-House.' So I thought I'd do a few nautical style pics. I posted one's another...10 x 8 inches...watercolour with a touch of gouache. So, another oldie I'm afraid. I've done a few bits like this - might post some more.

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