Selfies (A4 sketchbook)

Selfies (A4 sketchbook)

Wonderfully observed, Lewis. My two grand daughters spend their lives taking selfies. The faces they pull are plainly daft, but they keep going.

Ah, yes, wonderfully observed indeed! Put a big smile on my face did this one, because it's SO true. I see you've taken one of your ar**. lol Brian

So funny, especially the selfie in the right hand corner :) :)

Posted by C Jones on Wed 16 May 08:09:39

Oh yes, I did all those faces haha. I just wish it was accepted in passports and other official docs. Great observation.

Posted on Wed 16 May 08:11:29

Very good, I did expect to see a duck faced pout though. Your hands are very good too.

Wonderful and right up to date observation. I will never understand why some people spend a fortune travelling the world only to keep taking a picture of a beautiful view which they completely obliterate with their own face.

Thanks everybody. David's gone a bit technical on me mentioning a 'duck faced pout', not sure what that is, perhaps he could draw one. I'm just an innocent bystander in this 'selfie' malarky.

Ha ha I know what David means by a duck faced pout, they have so much Botox in their lips they look like ducks from the side Lewis, great sketch again 😀

lol Lewis..apparently the obsessive need to take 'selfies' is called 'selfitis'. You've certainly caught the look funny :)

The real main pointer as to how times have changed Lewis, and I find it sad. A bloke in our era taking a picture of himself would have got a good hiding . (-: Love the bottom right one, another sad reflection of time, the era of axxx worship. Great cartooning. You really are skilled in the art.

I do enjoy your people Lewis, such expressions. I was telling someone today in my art class about the marvellous Lizzie 1 and Walter selfie.

great stuff their is a very good artists behind this one

Such wonderful expressions, Lewis. People walk past our flat taking selfies and almost fall into the abyss below! They are totally crazy!

They must know how stupid they look? 😂 Yes Lewis show us a duck pout, all the girls do it 💋 This made me laugh especially the bum one :))

Love it, love it, love it! Spot on Lewis. Why oh why do they do it I wonder, it's beyond me!

You've caught this new culture perfectly Lewis. Isn't social change amazing?

I love these drawings and paintings of yours lewis ,

Alan makes a very good point, easy to loose sight in the humour of your work, that you have to be technically a very good artist to produce stuff like this, and apparently you can do it standing on your head dammit! Well done Lewis.

One great benefit about this era of Axxx worship is that if your wife or girl friend asks "Does my axxx look big in this?" you can finally tell the truth and she'll be delighted...(-:

Wonderful, and I also believe mirrors are not what they used to be.

Super idea and great expressions!

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Another selfie sketch...the faces people pull when taking selfies is a source of amazement to me...these are fairly subdued. Pen and ink.

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