Appointment in Samarra.

Appointment in Samarra.

The expressions on your characters faces is priceless, Lewis.

Here's the elderly servant goes to the morning market in Baghdad. There he meets a tall woman in black whom he recognizes as DEATH. On seeing him, DEATH looks puzzled and takes a step back. Fearing she's come to claim him, the servant runs off, steals his master's finest horse and rides 75 miles to Samarra. Arriving exhausted, he feels safe having put so much distance between him and DEATH. Then he feels a cold hand on his shoulder and finds himself in DEATH's grip. 'Before you take me, Lady,' he says, 'please tell me why you looked shocked to see me in Baghdad.' 'I WAS SURPRISED TO SEE YOU SO FAR AWAY..' said DEATH, '...WHEN I KNEW WE HAD AN APPOINTMENT IN SAMARRA THIS EVENING.' (This is one of the shortest stories in 1001 nights...but I've made in shorter.)

Great Scott, Seth, you got in before I could post the story...perhaps you knew it.

More very clever stuff from your hand Lew, as always, great characters.

Wonderful expressions as always Lewis. It ads to my enjoyment that I know the story.

Perfect, face foe the 'Death' lady, she looks so 'come with me'! I learn something every day Lewis from you :)

Sorry not foe! It should be of.

A fascinating story beautifully portrayed- or should it be executed! You educate as well as entertain us Lewis! Well done.

Must be Arabian week Lewis. I'm just working on a couple of Kismet (the musical) sketches with the song "stranger in Paradise" in my head. Fantastic illustrating as ever, You really are the king of expressions. (-:

The Death character may look scary but I find it intriguing too. You made her look slightly charming too Lewis, someone I'd have tea with and ask all sorts of questions. LOL Thanks for revealing another story.

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Thank you for all your comments, I wasn't sure about the DEATH character in this...but had no clue how to do her differently. I think you're right, Jim...I see Stephen Kelly has posted a brilliant ship straight out of Arabian Fantasy.

What a fabulous piece of work Lewis, and the story makes it all the more interesting. I'm not familiar with all the Arabian nights stories so found it interesting.

Marvellous stuff once again Lewis. Love the story. I feel like Ibolya and would love to meet her and hear her "take" on Life!

She looks scary and he looks terrified, great work Lewis.

Wonderful painting and story. Our colorful education continues.

Brilliant!! Just a 'one word' comment Lewis but it's true and therefore, 'nuff said!'

Love your narrative Lewis......superb painting. I would rather not meet her quite just yet, no matter how approachful she

Superb. I know one word comments are dull, but it is true it is superb. What's to add?

Hang on Studio Wall

From 1001 Nights. A story much used by other writers and poets. It is uncommon in that the figure of Death is depicted as a woman. It's a story about fate. As ever, I have doubts about this, chiefly down to the figure of Death...I didn't want to show the usual skull-like personification, but it's difficult to come up with something new. This is in my new A3 sketch-book, which I intend to use for more fully worked sketches of a fantasy nature. I doubt I'll get the story in this description area, so I'm putting it in the comments.

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