A lack of followers.

A lack of followers.

Love the expressions on the faces, Lewis. Very funny.

Lol, thats the place society has reached right now. Great colours.

Oh those faces! Love ‘em Lewis!

Don't think his followers look very pleased with him at the moment Lewis, bit like the politics of today lol 😀

Just love it, great expressions on all their faces.

You've got a great imagination Lewis.

Thanks for having a look and your kind comments. In hindsight, this is a little political...perhaps I should have saved it for the next election.

Each character has a unique expression Lewis. A master of visual story telling I must add.

Great. The expressions, as usual, are wonderful. I am so pleased I am following you (and I am not pulling any faces other than smiling.!)

How do you think of them - a great talent and to be able to paint like you can too - great.

Brilliant expressions, Lewis, Tend to agree with David about society right now! Super piece of work again

Obviously something more interesting in the opposite direction. Always different looking characters.

What super expressions on their faces, I love it!

Your whacky humour is boundless Lewis. Love the teapot. I think I know a couple of folk who that might apply to. (-:

Hang on Studio Wall

It's odd how some pictures 'arrive'. I drew the chap with the flag, intending to draw a page of unrelated sketches in my sketchbook, and then decided to add his 'followers' to make it into a picture. A fairly quick one this...I didn't fuss so much. A3 sketchbook. Pen and wash.

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