Sketchbook-Jacob Marley and Captain Cat

Sketchbook-Jacob Marley and Captain Cat

I wish my lash ups were as good as these. I think they are great.

Great work Lewis, stunning brush drawing.

My best efforts don't compare with your 'lash ups', Jim. They're super, as always.

I'd say this experiment is a total success Lewis. Fictional characters are much more open to artisitc licence than real ones. I reckong this is great work.

An excellent Marley - as good as the one in the book I was given in 1945. I still have it , bruised and battered but still read.

I wish my 'bit of a shambles' were even half as good Lewis. You have a gift.

I think you've had a good crack, the fact that you are using monotone blue probably did you no favours... when I have seen people go straight in with paint they often sketch it out with a light yellow or something to get the form and then go for the darker tones... to go straight in blue seems brave to me but thats why you get your crispness maybe. Nothing wrong with t'other one either.

I doubt if you'd produce a lash-up if you painted with the toe of an old gardening boot!

Well Lewis, they look really marvellous to me!

Thanks very much for looking and your generous comments. What I meant by a lash-up was this...even when you make something up from your imagination, you obviously have an idea of how they'll look. These didn't, normally I'd establish the shapes and proportions (with not much detail) in pencil, and then paint over that. But it's sketchbook work, and that's for messing about sometimes.

They both look good to me Lewis, especially Marley.

I haven't seen your work before, Lewis. Absolutely brilliant.

Posted by C Jones on Fri 13 Apr 06:28:33

LOL, the master’s at it again, super Lewis.

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Art group yesterday. I thought I'd try drawing with a brush with no pencil guidelines (my usual method) I'm painting straight onto the blank paper. (I know many people do this all the time, but for me it's a little alien, with lots of scope to go wrong). A bit of a shambles...didn't turn out as I'd hoped. The blue bloke is supposed to be the ghost of Jacob Marley from the Scrooge story. The bandage is the strap used to hold his dead jaw in place (it featured in the original illustrations). My Marley looks like he's got toothache. Well...that's alright. The other bloke is blind Captain Cat from 'Under Milk Wood' by Dylan Thomas. I've had several goes at this character, and haven't got him yet. Next time I'll definitely use a pencil under-drawing. So...a lash-up...but, perversely, I quite like them. (You've got to laugh, or you'll go crackers.)

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