I think this is very near to surrealism. Don't often see scenes like this when walking through the woods. Definitely a bit odd-eye-ball!! Love the way the more you look the more you find. Like the little lizard.

Not really understanding surealism personally, but beautifully drawn as ever Lewis.

My thoughts: the faces going through the centre strike of the same psychedelia that seems apparent in Hindu art, I like the ambiguity of the face/mask on the tree... the eyes down the bottom are good but maybe better if there were an odd number of them. Cool lizard.

Super design, love the line and colours.

As always a brilliant drawing, you really are the master of the bizarre but it always works so well for you 😀

Like a dreamscape almost Lewis, superb drawing as always

Super work as always Lewis.

Thank you very much for looking at my picture and your comments. I know this sort of thing isn't to everybody's taste, but I like to try something different, and thought it worth posting.

It is quite surreal to me Lewis. I think you're on the right path.

Posted on Wed 04 Apr 20:19:14

Great idea - super painting!

Hang on Studio Wall

I like some surreal art - occasionally I have a go. This isn't quite there, it's not surreal enough. I read that surrealism means 'beyond realism'. Maybe I need to paint something very realistically that's also not quite real (??). Did this a few months back, a little disappointed (a permanent state for all of us trying to make pictures) I quite like it. It's not surreal but it is 'odd-ball', and I like odd-ball pictures too. Maybe one day I will manage a surreal image. Watercolour. 12 x 10 inches. (Oddly, among all the 'painting styles' listed for posting stuff, they don't list surrealism??)

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