Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh (an' all).

Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh (an' all).

Makes me smile, I like this.😀

Your art always cheers me up, Lewis. This is great.

Your attention to detail is incredible Lew, another great rustic character.

Another great start to my day. Thanks.

Fabulous character Lewis. Old blue eyes is back. Lol

How do you do it? And he's got a great line in shirts.

What a picture, lots to love about it... great hands, clogs and love his shirt. That face itself conforms to no rules in terms of proportions and placement yet still works. Nice one Lew.

Brilliant Lewis. Do you do Archers characters too e.g. joe Grundy, Walter Gabriel?

How do you do it Lewis? You continually produce such fabulous work and this is a beauty.

Thanks very much for the kind feedback. David...you're right about the facial proportions, that's the joy of cartoon style...you are free of all that.

Wow in Humphrey Bogarts words" here's looking at you kid" what a character, love him !!!

Ha-ha, great stuff Lewis, a self portrait? 😀

Brilliant, Lewis!

You can even see peeks of his ears through his side-whiskers!

What a jolly looking character Lewis.

So much character, cannot help but smile.

Great as always Lewis 😊

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I've painted this character (and his mates) many times...he's one of those characters I keep coming back to. He reminds me of many happy holidays in the mythical West Country. This one was painted at my art group. 8 x 10 inches, watercolour.

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