Another from the dim and distant...great .

Truly Galic expression Lewis. Remember it well.

Yes it's just great Lewis

Tres bien! Merci pour an autre flick!

p.s Lewis: I wonder if you remember "Harris Tweed" from The Eagle Comic? He was one of the few cartoon detectives I ever saw, and Mark Sabre, the one-armed crime fighter? (-:

I remember Harris Tweed Jim. This is becoming the Golden Oldie corner . Lol.

Jim, I don't recall Harris tweed, but I do remember Mark Sabre. The trouble is, once you start on these, the memories come out of the woodwork (my head). I'm only doing eight. Thanks everybody for your comments.

Another great detective seies Lewis.

C'est superb, mon ami

Gee, I can't help hearing an accordian playing "Under the Bridges of Paris" it's in my head now...

What more could you want? Peter Sellers saying "Does your dog bite?" in a bad accent... Nicely done portrait.

Oh yes I remember him well😀

Hang on Studio Wall

Another favorite detective. Simenon, the author, based him on France's greatest detective - Chief Inspector Marcel Guillaume - the two men became friends. Maigret was always calm, unflappable, and seemed to be a man who knew the answers to questions before he asked them. Many films and TV series have been made, but I've based my Maigret on a French comedian of the same era. Fernandel, he had a long lugubrious face, so my Maigret is based on a memory of that. Simenon wrote many books on Maigret, and they're great. A first class detective, working in Paris, what more could you want?

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