Sherlock (6 x 4 inches)

Sherlock (6 x 4 inches)

He just had to be included. Elementary my dear Lewis.!

A one pipe sketch, Lewis?

Another great illustration of an equally great fictional character Lew.

To sniff it out terrific Lewis

You create such expressive characters, Lewis, looking forward to seeing the final group!

Super Sleuth!

The archetype, you can't get more sleuthy than that. Very well done.

A great Sherlock Lewis 😀

No way is this elementary my dear Lewis! riveting stuff it is indeed!!

Just as I knew him Lew. brilliant work indeed.

Thanks very much to everybody for your kind comments. It's odd, I'd expected this one to be easy, but this is the third attempt. It was only when I put that weird nose on him that he looked OK. (to me, anyway).

Another great illustration of a beloved character.

Oh yes, it's Sherlock himself and he looks super Lewis.

Yep, a great Sherlock Lewis!

He certainly nose his stuff Lewis, brilliant.

Hang on Studio Wall

I first became aware of the great man as a kid in the early 1950s, there was a series on BBC Radio. Riveting stuff. This is for my group of pics about favorite detectives. I've given him a big nose (surprise), because it's a well known fact that all super sleuths have to have a big nose...for obvious reasons.

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