Dickens Characters

Dickens Characters

Very nice assemblage, and I can't wait to see the next theme.

Excellent collection Lewis. What will you entertain us with next I wonder.?.

Rogues gallery, wonderful characters Lewis.

Looking impressive as a collection, Lewis. They're unified by the colours and grotesque features. Has the spook factor.

Posted on Mon 26 Mar 08:39:52

Very well done Lewis- they are all excellent and a great theme. Looking forward to the next!

Brilliant job Lewis. I've been waiting for this. Superb.

Absolutely Brilliant! Creative, Delusional, Everyones Fantasy, Gorgeous!

A super collection, Lewis - great choice of colours for these characters, and I like the layout.

Why don't you make a calendar of it lol 😀

wonderful collection of Dickens characters. I think you could spend a lovely time working new themes. Keeping us all amused for a very long time, well done Lewis

Great collection Lewis! What’s next?

If I may pinch Carole's title.. a wonderful rogues gallery indeed. Such impressive work, Lewis. Can't wait for the next collection. Brilliant idea!

I'll swear I've met your Uriah Heep - he used to work in the NHS, and what a creep of a Heep he was.... A brilliant collection: someone should snap you up as an illustrator - the Folio Society springs to mind.

I hope that you have framed it. This is amazing work Lewis, one of a kind.

Thank you everybody for your great comments...I enjoyed doing this, and intend to do another. I have framed it Carolyn, it's going on our spare bedroom wall that serves as a gallery. I change the pictures occasionally, this group pic is part of a complete revamp.

Terrific work and great seeing them altogether.

How wonderful they all look Lewis, I like the way you have assembled them together.

What a great group Lewis, like the added candle to scrooge and the choice of palate, perfect.

They look just wonderful all together.

A cracking ensemble, the background colour of blue in unison works really well.

An extremely good collection of some rather dubious characters Lew.

Hang on Studio Wall

Here's my finished group of 6 x 4 inch Dickens characters. Scrooge is new. I've drawn him many times, the only rule being that he mustn't look like Alistair Sim (my favorite Scrooge), if I did that it would just be a straight copy. I've enjoyed this. I have another identical frame, I was going to do more Dickens, but have decided on another 'theme' with the same palette. I've assembled this group in photoshop, with the same layout as my frame. I added the names in photoshop for this pic, but now think I'll not have names in the actual framed pics. This format opens up many possibilities...for example I could illustrate a favourite song in comic book style...etc...etc.

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