'Quilp' from Dickens group of pics. 6 x 4 inches

'Quilp' from Dickens group of pics. 6 x 4 inches

Another excellent portrait of a nasty character (and didn't he come to an appropriate bad end!)

Ugly too! Perfect!

Superb as ever Lewis...Love Mrs Gamp too.

Dat's my boy! One of my favourite Dickens characters - there's a wonderful scene in the book, where he's guiding someone down an alleyway, on one side of which, as he knows, lurks a savage dog .... he says go one way; oh , whoops, no, I'm wrong, take the other side; or was it that one after all......? Leading the poor devil right into the jaws of the hound. I didn't really believe in Little Nell, but I certainly believed in Quilp. You have captured him in all his winning charm.

Thanks for your comments...I like this one, he's suitably nasty. I was thinking of filling both my eight aperture frames with Dickensian characters, but I've decided to make it just one...and think of something else for the other frame. So I'm nearly there...I need four pics each in the portrait and landscape format for the frame. I'm going with the pic of Dickens, plus Bill Sikes, Uriah Heep, Miss Haversham, Quilp, Fagin and two others. Probably Scrooge and another female character.

I completely fell in love with natalie ogle who played little nell in the tv adaptation. Your dickens series is absolutely delightful. Theres a stroke of genius in it.

This series is excellent. I hope you have plans for these ....

Thank you Michael and Gudrun. Michael...My little group of Dickens pictures needs another more pleasant female face, so I'm doing Little Nell. It will be made up, not a copy of the actress you mentioned. If it comes out OK, I'll post it. Gudrun...my plans for it are simple...they'll be hung in a multiple aperture frame on my wall. I'm just a hobbyist painter, and that's enough for me.

Perfection Lewis, what a mean dude.

What a superb series of paintings Lewis

Lives up to the description Lewis. You're an expert in big noses lol.

Posted on Sat 24 Mar 17:10:05

Just right Lewis! I remember Anthony Newly too, he was so creepy!

Hang on Studio Wall

Dickens describes this character as a grotesque dwarf with a large head, and a bristly chin. A nasty piece of work, he's always smiling evilly putting his brown teeth on show. I recall Anthony Newley playing him as a cockroach. Watercolour.

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