Tooth Fairy.

Tooth Fairy.

Thank God I was asleep when they came.!!

Now if ever there were reasons not to want toothache, here they are Great illustrating again Lewis and I must remember to get some Paracetamol..((-:

Aargh, those pliers!! Great drawings and imagination Lewis and interesting to read the old meaning of the word 'glamour'. So much of the modern 'glamour' is indeed fake!

Wonderful Lewis, but I have always thought tooth fairies were always gentle folk. Lol. Super details.

Excellent, but not how I imagined tooth-fairies look. I always like your write up, with some item of history or QI type fact.

Thanks for your comments, maybe I've made them too dark...but most original faerie lore is dark. This one is relatively new, apparently in olden times, when people believed in witches, parents were worried their children's milk teeth would fall into witches hands and they'd gain control of them. There are lots of I like is that the faerie was a mouse that took the teeth and gave good luck in return. All a load of tosh, but interesting tosh. (I think.)

Great stuff Lew, fantastic characters. Cheers for the second feedback on yesterday's offering, I've settled on that one now. Always helpful to get other idea's, I am always open to any criticism.

great work Lewis . fantastic colours too. Ive met people like that lol.

Thanks for the pic the education. Both very interesting. I don’t think could afford to be a tooth fairy these days.

You've been reading Pratchet again haven't you!!! Not to be met on a dark night!! Wonderful stff again Lewis

Love your definition of glamour, very true! These are SCARY Lewis 🤗🤗

Smashing Lewis, what an ugly bunch they were! Interesting about the word glamour which applies today!

Glad my dentist doesn't look anything like these two with their pliers, i'd be running a mile !!!

Brilliant Lewis, just pondering as to whether I should show them to my grandchildren!?

Now I know the very good reason why I don't go to the dentist brilliant Lewis

Love it :)

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Couple of pics from a few years back when my grandsons were losing their milk-teeth. They didn't buy the tooth fairy idea, but latched onto the financial aspect. In looking up folklore I found the word 'Glamour' was attached to tales of Faerie, it's old use meant to 'trick, deceive, or mask the truth'. The tooth fairy on the left is using it to 'mask' his hideous self. I guess this old use of the word 'glamour' is not a million miles away from the modern usage.

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