Study for a copy of Manet's 'Bar at the Folie Bergere.'

Study for a copy of Manet's 'Bar at the Folie Bergere.'

Great job, striking image well done.

The original painting by Manet ranks in the top 10 of my favourites. It is of course a huge piece and has tremendous impact. A good study of the girl Lew, I like this kind of work that you produce.

Yes Alan, I agree. I'd struggle to come up with a top ten favourite would be a movable feast. But an absolute definite would be this painting. I have huge admiration for Manet...a genius.

Ah, this is brilliant Lewis - one of my faves too. Was it you who said you'd painted this years ago and it hadn't stood the test of time? How big will it be?

Just read your info at the bottom🤔I'm all confused now - are you re doing it or not?

Lewis I was looking at this painting only recently and you have caught the expression and feel very well indeed.

Fine work Lewis, excellent detail and an undoubted Manet....

Yes Marjorie...must be about 2 or 3 years back. Stretched canvass 28 x 20 inches approx, acrylic under-painting, oil glazes on top. In one of the forum discussions Robert suggested it MAY have problems over time. (He wasn't talking about my painting, but that method in general (oil over acrylic). Looks OK at the moment, I'm thinking of moving it to a room where it'll get no direct sunlight. I think it's one of the best things I've isn't really my work is it? I was trying to copy as best I could. We've covered these aspects in various forums. Great fun doing it though, it increased my admiration for Manet.


Great job Lewis, you must have endless patience to paint all the detail so well.

Gorgeous lady, very well done Lewis.

Beautifully painted Lewis

Good job Lewis. You can learn a lot from copying others. I think I saw it in 1971

Good work, Lewis!

Posted by T H on Fri 09 Mar 12:17:06

Should have mentioned, I always envied her figure!

Excellent Lewis. Very Manet. Saw the original some years ago along with other well known and loved paintings.

Its another winner Lewis, a great painting.

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback. I wasn't sure whether to post this, because it is, after all, just a copy of somebody else's work. Perhaps I'll post the finished painting sometime.

Couldn't agree more with everyone's comments. Strikingly good copy of a very fav painting. Brilliant!

You have certainly done a good job with this Lewis, she looks wonderful.

This just shows how talented you are.

Manet is also my favourite painter and you got a beautiful work, Lewis.

A wonderful study and tribute to a legendary painting. In response to the remark oil over acrylic...if the acrylic layer is quite thin then in can act as a gesso with no detrimental effect to the over painting in oil,,,,a different story to impasto acrylic, with a tendencies to crack or flake under the oil. Hope you continue with this Lewis as it looks great.

Superb Lewis, I would love to see the oil.

Thanks for that, Andre. I haven't made myself clear on this. The study I posted was in watercolour, made a few years ago...I found it in a mislaid sketchbook. I did the full copy of the painting about 2 years ago, it's hanging on my wall. I did not use a thick acrylic under-painting (certainly not impasto), it was finished in oil using 'liquin' as a medium. It looks OK now...only time will tell...but I expect it will see me out. Many thanks for your comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another pic from my temporarily lost sketchbook. A sketch for one of my few forays in acrylics/ oils, a copy of the great man's masterpiece. This is watercolour on very thin sketch book paper, perhaps not the best way to make such a sketch, I was trying to see if I could get a reasonable copy of the girl. I saw this painting in the late 1960's, it birthed my interest in 'fine art'. Up to then I'd only been interested in illustration. A5 sketchbook.

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