Steampunk races.

Steampunk races.

Great drawing and title. Love the guy with the stopwatch. Brian

Another wonderful drawing.


Posted by T H on Sat 24 Feb 11:31:39

Love the faces in the ricks, super work Lewis.

Sorry 'rocks' not ricks as my iPad wanted to put!😡

You've done it again! Wonderful stuff Lewis!

Weird and wonderful, but brilliantly drawn. (-:

Marvellous! Thanks for explaining a bit about steampunk, I've never heard that expression before.

Brilliantly innovative. Love the way you have done the steam Lewis. Kids would love this on their wall.

Thanks everybody for your feedback, always welcome. I'm no expert on 'steampunk' Margaret, I've just seen a few interesting illustrations. Apparently it's a world that never advanced beyond the steam engine, but became evermore fantastical. I was surprised to find there are lots of enthusiasts, who like to dress the part.

Another brilliant drawing Lewis 😀

Wonderful Lewis.

Love it even though I've never heard of 'steampunk'.

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I like ''steampunk" illustration, I'd thought it was just a form of fantasy novel, apparently it's a way of life for some people, with it's own fashions etc. A friend at my art club showed some photos of a 'steampunk' wedding they'd been to. This is just a fantasy illustration, the car's a bit naff, but I just wanted to make it up (should have used a ref pic).

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