I really like her expression Lewis.

Thanks Sandra...originally she was to be looking at a painting, but I abandoned that idea.

Oh look, a bumble flea....(-: Great characterisation as ever Lewis and brilliant art.

Always full of interest Lewis. I do like the structure of those trees.

Interesting expression, I wonder what she is thinking Lewis. Lol

Always enjoyable lovely work Lewis crisp vision

Yes always enjoy your work.

Two pictures for the price of one. Recycling at it's best.

Buy one, get one free, Lewis. It’s is the landscape.

Your landscape looked pretty good anyway, but its good you have rescued it if you weren't happy with it, I use the back of old paintings as well, saves on paper especially when trying out something different for the first time.

Great salvage job and because of the purple hue in the water and the purple of her top it seems to marry up very well.

Very cleverly worked Lewis, she looks quite thoughtful in this.

WOW! wonder what she's thinking about! Another Bute!

A lovely lady she is too Lewis, background looks ok to me?

Hang on Studio Wall

A number of people have posted pictures they have reworked or salvaged in some way. (Which I find interesting.) I guess we all attempt it. In oil or acrylic it's often a case of painting over the canvass and starting afresh. Not so easy with watercolour. I tend to turn them over, and use the back to test colour mixes, then dump them. This is a salvage job. A landscape went pear-shaped so I abandoned it, the woman was painted for a concept I won't be making. So I stuck her over the worst bits of the landscape to make this pic. This was done in photoshop (very simple), so it only exists as a digital image. Landscape 16 x 12 inches. Watercolour - pen and ink.

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Self taught. Love drawing. Like to make pictures up, without using reference pics, often in cartoon style. I do other pictures where I do use reference. I'm knocking on a bit, born in 1940 in Greenwich, London. Retired, and loving it.

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