Gouache study

Gouache study

I am new to the site and have just discovered your wonderful work. You have a great gallery with some lovely ,colourful and characterful paintings, and this is no exception.

Yes Lewis Gouache is best in the sketchbook. I have become a fan of Gouache after many years of neglecting it. Good exercise Lewis.

A great portrait Lewis. You are such a versatile artist.😀

Forehead perfect Lewis two beauties

A lovely fresh portrait Lewis, I agree with Tony, you do have a great gallery, I like Deco-Girl very much

Thanks very much for your encouraging remarks, and for looking at my pictures. Dennis...I meant the proportion of the forehead was a bit out, which makes a difference...it would be a better likeness then.

Very nice portrait, gouache the illustrators choice works so well with no transparency, and you've used it to great effect. Very nice work Lewis.

You’re so versatile, Lewis. This is a lovely portrait.

Good painting Lewis, I like using Gouache, I find it ideal when I'm painting birds, the feathered variety I hasten to add,lol.

Hi Lewis I was just coming to comment on todays uploads bu the have both vanished ???

Sorry John, I had second thoughts about those. They were both old and the reason I hadn't posted them before was because I didn't think they were good enough. This site is so addictive I've been posting too much, including some old tat. I've decided to get a grip and only post stuff I'm happy with...I've also pulled a few bits out of my gallery. You aren't missing much...a drawing I've kept solely because it was the oldest I have, and a painting I did with a technique that I tried once, five years ago. I like the site very much, and value what people have to say...so the least I can do is upload only stuff that I think is ok. Sorry for my bad manners, John. I will be posting again, but not so often.

Hi Lewis. I too noticed that you'd deleted your latest and have worried all morning that it was because I'd commented that I like to see the whole body in a life drawing! I apologise if you took that the wrong way but I did life drawing many years ago and the model was always completely naked. Once we'd got over the shock of seeing the naked models, we learned a lot and life drawing is well worth it. I was enjoying reading the comments on yours and hearing what people thought about it. Can I say that I honestly like looking at your older work. It's interesting to see and I admire your talent. The site needs artists such as yourself so please don't cut back on posting. Your work is like a breath of fresh air. And I mean that :)

Good grief no, Louise, it was nothing anybody said. I'd posted two pictures I wasn't going to post, and I was in photoshop reducing the image size on two more duffers-getting them ready to upload...a colour pencil sketch of a parrot (awful), and an art deco pic that just didn't work...and I thought 'what am I doing?' So I deleted the two I'd uploaded, and won't be showing the two I've just mentioned. This was my sole experience of life drawing, the tutor did say he'd expected me to draw the whole body...but I was so advanced with my drawing, I wasn't about to start again. I have deleted uploaded stuff before, but on those occasions it was before anyone had commented. I think being raddled with self doubt is part of the painting process. If it's bad manners to delete stuff in this way, I do apologize. I value the comments of the people on this site.

I've done the same Lewis. Deleted work that is :) And yes we all have that self doubt and I've noticed that faults with mine always seem more obvious to me once posted here. I delete, try and correct the painting and end up binning it..lol Then friends tell me that they wish they could paint. They think it's just good fun when really, it can be a pain!

Lewis what you put up was not bad work at all, none of us can pop master piece after master piece. I have been an artist all my life and I can understand art like a musician understand music, I know what I am looking at. You putting that nude up showed me you had the nuts and bolts of your art firmly in place at an early age. Louise said you are a breath of fresh air Thats true as we do not have your kind of image making on the site. The piece with the boy looking through the window. I wanted to say, why it did not look right was because the colouring of the outside environment matched the indoor environment. Indoor light is different from outdoor. On reading what you said about the two pieces you put up this morning it gave me the idea to upload some of my early pastel work from years back. People would be interested to see it as it shows the development and shows the work and skilled gained over the years. It will inspire some to keep practicing. David Shepperd the wildlife artist kept one of his early works, it was yuk but he was proud to show others because the yuk painting shows everyone has the potential just keep working at it. Well thats my rant over lol.

Thanks very much for your comments, Louise and John, it's gratifying that we all feel the same about these things. I'm never entirely satisfied with anything I do...I expect that's every artist's lament. I can't guarantee I won't remove stuff in future, but I'll keep posting.

You've done her hair brilliantly Lewis - my attempts at hair don't always work very well.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted in Gouache, a medium I don't use often enough. It works better than watercolour in my sketchbooks because I use less water with it. This is supposed to be Juliette Binoche, the French actress, it took me a while to realize why it wasn't quite right. I'd made the basic error of not giving her enough forehead...a mistake I always have to watch out for.

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