Pub Jazz Band

Pub Jazz Band

Well the fact that she is less cartoony makes her very much the focus and as such it works really well for me and she certainly doesn't look out of place.

Brilliant work Lewis. Has more of a 'message' than a conventional portrait for me. It brightened the moment for me. I love the long noses.

I really like the way you've portrayed the singer, Lewis - agree with Michael that it makes her very much the focus, and I think it adds interest to the whole painting.

Seen and heard them many times, great work .

Well the musicians and the audience love her by their facial expressions Lewis. I love your long noses too.

I think it's just great Lewis, she really makes a statement in her lovely outfit !!!

Broken rule or not she is the focal point of attraction. And it works beautifully. Great piece Lewis. I could look at these characters for ages.

Such good facial expressions Lewis.

Thank you everybody for looking at my picture, and your comments. It seems I'm the only one bothered that I made the singer too realistic.

This is great Lewis and I like the way the line of the men's gazes lead the viewer to the singer. Fabulous.

I appreciate your work for what it is, excellent fun, but it's not my thing, so don't take offence at lack of comment!

Thank you, Gudrun. I won't take offence...I don't comment on work that's not my thing, either. So I'm a little surprised you commented at all. But thank you anyway.

Looks as though they are having a great time Lewis. The audience certainly appreciate her singing voice.

Terrific Lewis, such an array of expressions...brilliant.

I love the singer Lewis, to me it all goes well together, fabulous detail in these characters.

Really great painting Lewis, some super expressions.

Hang on Studio Wall

I wasn't going to post this because I broke one of my own rules. When working cartoon style I never use reference material. But I used it here for the singer. I wanted to get the 'singing expression' right, so I used a reference pic, but didn't make her nearly 'cartoony' enough. So she strikes a wrong note in this picture. But I like the rest of it, so here it is. I'd thought there were no rules in cartoon style pics, but it seems there are.

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