That's absolutely fine Lewis, amazing in fact for a first attempt. Don't give up.

The colours appeal to me here Lewis. The distance is very good, it's hard when you don't enjoy it but there's a lot here to be pleased about. I think you lost interest when you came to the shadows....I may be wrong....but if you sorted these it would take it on to another level. You must keep going, next time will be different.

Lewis don’t abandon landscapes based on this attempt which is very good for a first attempt. If you genuinely don’t feel it’s for you that’s fine but I am sure you have all the necessary skills to make an excellent landscape painter. Please give it a little longer.

Thanks very much for your encouragement. As Marjorie pointed out the shadows are all over the place...a basic error...I was losing interest by then. If I try another, I think I'll go the pen and wash route, I don't feel quite so out of my depth with that. It's much easier drawing people with big noses.

You have some wonderful colours in this landscape Lewis the trees and the distance great and I like the colours in your reflections. I think you should do more.

Don't give up landscapes Lewis. I think you have a lot to offer and after all for a first attempt it's amazing.

Like everyone has said Lewis, don't give up yet, landscape isn't easy as it's so difficult to know when to stop, sometime I really mess up and overwork, but everyone sees something in them that you don't, we are our own worst critics, you are a brilliant drawer, so stick with it, the more you practice with it the easier it becomes and you will develop your own style 😀

Well for what its worth its a brilliant attempt... and of course you can only go onwards and upwards. Try the squinty eye technique to sort your shadows and tonal values.

My goodness Lewis, what’s wrong with it! I can’t do as well as this on a good day! Lol it’s a super first go and you can only get better.

Lewis, for a first attempt this is marvellous! There are some great colours in the painting and I like it!

Lewis, what am I talking about! I meant the reflections.

You were right first time, Marjorie. The shadows are a bit hit and miss. The reflections aren't right either, by then I was thinking I'd better start again. Linda's right about being our own worse critic (which is how it should be), but I'm seeing a cartoon element in the picture, and it's not meant to be cartoonish (on this occasion). But no one has mentioned that, so maybe that's just me. Thank you all very much for the encouraging remarks. (Thinks...drat, I'll have to do another one, now.)

Don't give up yet, practice makes perfect. I wish my watercolour efforts were as good as this!

I agree with the comments above. This is a great first attempt, very worth persevering with landscape unless you really find you can't enjoy it. No harm in being multi-talented!

It’s all been said Lewis, and yes you sure will have to do another one.

It's really good work, Lewis

Looks pretty darn good to me - no don't abandon landscapes Lewis - you have the 'touch'.

I would be thrilled to bits if I had done something like this, It is gentle landscape somewhere you could sit and dream and even perhaps paint a landscape . I would hang this on my office wall anytime well done and DON'T give up painting more please.. Lewis.

This is superb - with great variety of textures, hues and tones. I do hope we will get to see more of this. It's lovely!

Hang on Studio Wall

Finally got round to a landscape...never done one before where the subject of the picture is a landscape. Not thrilled with it and quickly went off the boil, but thought I'd post it. My respect for the brilliant landscape painters on this site his risen higher than it was. Won't bother again...but might be more adventurous when I need a landscape behind one of my figures. 16 x 12 inches watercolour.

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