You hit the right notes Lewis. I hope its Mozart bringing the joy home.

It's a good one Lewis including the cabbages - I also like the idea of the session you did it at - might adopt it for my club.

A really good painting Lewis, and to say you only had 2 hours to complete it's a great achievement 😃

Very imaginative, like the blotches...the key board is fantastic ,especially in two hours.

Very jazzy Lewis, quite a musical piece.

Cool, reminds me of Robert Crumb's style a little...

Thanks you all for looking at my picture and the encouraging comments. David, I'm a big fan of Robert Crumb's pen and ink work, but I don't see his style in my pic. That's what's interesting about this art lark, people see things differently. So, I'll take any comparison, however vague, with him as a great compliment.

This is marvellous Lewis, a fabulous piece painted in such a short time.

Great composition Lewis, and executed very well.

Hang on Studio Wall

A pic from my sketchbook from a couple of years back. It was made at an art group session. We drew a subject out of a hat...mine was 'music'. We have a maximum time of 2 hours for I was pleased with the result. On this occasion the 'blotches' (I forget the actually term) in the background were deliberate rather than careless. Watercolour about 16 x 11 inches.

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