Brilliant stuff Lew, whatever medium you use. Onwards..(-:

I oh so know the feeling, poor hands! This one is great though!

Great result no matter how you got there. It is difficult when hands start to let us down. I can never do really small, fine painting as I have very bad arthritic hands.

Your images are always creative and full of imagination. Just an aside, have you tried the magic wand tool? That saves laboured selections.

Thanks to all for your very welcome comments. Stephen...yes I use the magic wand all the time. It's great at the line drawing stage (it'll be a hand drawn sketch, scanned into my computer), but there always seems to be lots of tedious drawing around areas with the selection tools, and my hands aren't steady enough for that these days. I may well continue to use photoshop, but in a much simpler way.

I have athritic fingers Lewis so you have my sympathy, we must keep going!

I don't have that Russell, I'm just a bit shaky...once I rest my hand on the paper and start to draw I'm OK. But I find it easier to work in a slightly larger scale these days. You're right, we've got to keep on keeping on. But delicate moves with a mouse are off the agenda.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pygmalion, the sculptor who carved a woman so beautiful that he fell in love with her. I was going to do more (obviously), but this will be it. My old version of photoshop requires me to 'select' parts of my drawing to paint it...using the mouse to draw round a section...but my old hands aren't steady enough these days. (I can't justify forking out for better equipment for the occasional digital pic.) So this took longer than it would had I painted it conventionally. So no more digital for me. Shame. I used to like messing around with it. Anno Domini rules.

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