A Shelved Project - Mixed media (mostly coloured pencil).

Abandoned project

These are great, my favourite is the policeman

They all look great to me Lewis, look forward to seeing an update when you revisit. Putting a subject to one side for a while often works for me.

My favourite is top left but they are all great characters.

They are all great characters Lew, it’s plane that you have researched the people you portrayed as the uniforms and clothes are accurate. It strange how we sometimes don’t like a particular painting etc, but other think they are fine.

Super group of characters

Great characters Lewis and you're right -time spent drawing is never wasted.(My favourite is the policeman).

Great work Lewis, I like them all.

The policeman is my favourite but all superbly rendered.

Thank you all very much for your comments. Very much appreciated.

You never fail to entertain Lewis. A wonderful collection of intriguing characters - and those noses .....

This is such an eye-catching piece. So much personality and character in each of their faces. They're fabulous!

Always characters that are huge in personality Lewis.

You are truly the master of expressions Lew. The Police sergeant is a gem of sly officialdom. "Give em a uniform!" (-:

Like bottom left character, and overall great coloured pencil.

Thank you everybody, you're very encouraging.

Every one superbly drawn as always Lewis but if I had to choose one it would be the 'Colonel Blimp' character but then hmm ..., the policeman, but what about the splendidly attired gentleman on the bottom left? All brilliant Lewis!

These are brilliant Lew!

Thank you Russell, Gudrun and Carole.

You are too critical of yourself. I think they're all great, you have such a talent Lewis.

Your work makes me so happy!

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I had the idea to do a series of pics about 'Historical Characters', real and made up. Not quite working for me, I tried four thinking things would improve. Still not right, so I'll shelve it for the time being. It's not so much the drawings, it's the approach...how I'll present them. I'll try later with different pics. But time spent drawing is never wasted time. Here are the pics...OK...but I'm not keen on the top right (Napoleon and Josephine). I'll come back to the idea in a few months.

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Self taught. Love drawing. Like to make pictures up, without using reference pics, often in cartoon style. I do other pictures where I do use reference. I'm knocking on a bit, born in 1940 in Greenwich, London. Retired, and loving it.

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