Dawn's challenge - The Self-Isolation Garden Jazz band.

Self isolation Garden Jazz band-small

Wonderful - finding humour in our present situation is not easy....

Excellent cartoon Lew and good humour as well.

Excellent Lew, can’t wait to see what other crazy ideas you come up with!

another to enjoy - and I have. Keep them coming Lewis . Pleasing to see that man's best friend doesn't care anyway.

Thank you all very much for your generous comments.

I knew this challenge would suit you!, I’m still thinking... Good one by the way.

Nice one Lew. There was a snip of film on tv of kids playing football over the dance in gardens like this, self isolation with good British inventiveness and humour!

Brilliant humour, Lewis - and I just love the dog’s expression!

Thanks again for all your comments and encouragement. I haven't seen that clip Tessa...I'll have to try to catch it.

Always rely on you Lewis for wit, humour and great characters.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought I'd do one more. Watercolor, pen, colored pencil. I'll do something else now, and come back to this subject later.

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