Two cartoons-slightly different style. Pen & watercolor

Ludo & seashell

The lady on the right looks truly sinister. Superb drawing once again.

Definitely "Bamforth's post card" the top one , Lewis. And the expressions on their faces....well, I don't know how you manage it.

Excellent Lew, and thank you for the explanation. I once work with a chap who tried to use an old fashioned word in his work each day.

Fabulous drawing, love the expressions.

Thank you Stephen, Marjorie, Dixie and Suzanne for your comments. Very much appreciated.

Fantastic capture of expressions Lew.The Chess lady looks positively witch-like. Brilliant.

Brilliant Lewis so much detail, in just a few marks.

Still recognizable as a Lewis Cooper and just in time to go bed on - might have nightmares - but one must suffer for art ?? Another beaut drawing - would love to know what you feed your imagination on !!

Thank you Jim, Alan and Mike, great to have your comments.

I love the expressions on the chess pieces Lewis, so funny!

Wonderful as always Lewis - brilliantly drawn, educational and funny,what more could you ask for?

Your drawing skills never cease to amaze me, Lewis, I often wonder where you get your amusing ideas !!!

Agree with the Bamforth card comment and the bottom 2 are definitely Lewis humour with great expressions.

Hang on Studio Wall

Top pic is my usual method for cartoons, a few lines, bright color, then drawing reworked with pen. Quick and easy. Bottom pic...much more elaborate pen drawing plus a thin watery color wash. As I prefer bright color, I should have left it as a pen drawing. (I didn't want to rework all those pen lines.) Ludophobia is another of those old unused words. It means 'fear of losing games.' (These words fascinate me, but I'll never remember them...except 'cattywampus', like that one).

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