The Reluctant Job seeker.


Says it all! Another great drawing Lewis

a wee beaut Lewis - Kiwi for I like it

Love the drawing and love the comment, Lew. The humour is wonderfully dry, and it did make me laugh out loud. Good to see your work again. Best Bri

Good artworks and humour Lew, I like how you take a simple bit of life and turn out a great piece of work . It’s like all good comedians they use every day like and make it funny, much better than some long complicated joke.

Like it Lewis, great artwork and that question is the pits, not that I’ve had an interview in recent history!

Thanks everybody for your great feedback. Good point, Katy. It IS a very naff question, one wonders what kind of sadist comes up with these ideas.

Very amusing, lovely artwork Lewis.

You're so tuned into humanity Lewis. Thanks for my morning giggle Lewis.

'Tuned into humanity,' what a compliment and one I fully concur with Lewis.

Another good one Lewis. Thanks for another one to make us smile!

Great drawings as always , love the characters you portray.

Couldn't every find three. Great piece Lewis.

Great sketch, Lewis, love the colours.

Another gem Lewis.

Have interviewed a few like that in the past !! Good humour as always Lewis.

Wonderful painting and humour Lewis.

Hang on Studio Wall

I read/heard/saw this somewhere. It's not laugh out loud, but is a perfect word picture of laziness...doesn't really need an actual picture. So not mine...but clever. Gouache. A4.

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