Gallery security.

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The expressions are so good, tickled me!

Great characters - love those pink noses!

It's given me a laugh Lewis.

The characters are excellent and true to life in that you always have one who lectures, and the poor sod who listens. I think it is funny as we can all relate to the characters and life is often funny well sometimes , which is something you pick up on so well Lew.

Thanks very much for your comments. Yes Dixie, the lecturer and the receiver. I knew a couple of blokes who always looked at a point about a foot above your head, rather than look you in the eye while they waffled. I put that in this sketch.

Expressive characters and subtle colouring.

Great characters, a bit reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy. Love the way the painting mirrors the movement of the thief. So many good points in your pictures to discover.

Great drawing again Lewis

Thanks for giving me a giggle this morning. Brilliant Lewis.

Great characters, Lewis, love the pink and blue palette.

Brilliant Lewis. I love the way the pictures legs correspond with the thief .

Beautifully done Lewis.

Another brilliant reflection on the human condition!

Made me laugh Lewis.

Wonderfully thought out Lewis.....great fun!

So good Lewis, love these characters

Thanks again to all for your response to this sketch.

Great stuff as ever Lew. Gave me a chuckle.

He's behind you !! Excellent.

Excellent, Lewis - wonder if it's one of Fred's masterpieces!

This does not appear hurried and it is funny. Thank you so much for your humour, we certainly need it at the moment.

Hang on Studio Wall

A bit hurried, and not very funny, but I've got to draw something. A3 sketchbook, pen and water-soluble coloured pencil.

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