A Fantasy-A3 sketchbook-mixed media.

Underwater world-small

Another excellent drawing Lew, I do love your work and it’s always has a lot to look at. Hope you and your good lady keep well.

I think the detail and colour scheme are tremendous.

This is brilliant, Lewis, so much to look at - and love the blue/brown colour theme.

If you are setting out to stimulate imaginations - both yours and the viewers , then you have succeeded. Don't give too many trade secrets away !. I want to know what is worrying the fellow looking out of the window - what is coming ?? Stay well.

So much going on and so very good!

Thanks to all for your generous comments.

You certainly give us a feast for the eyes Lewis. Wonder why the guy on the right, next to the shark looks so surprised. Love the colour combination, which adds credence to the world of fantasy. Just a note on using watercolour on canvas. I primed the canvas with a watercolour primer but it was expensive, so may experiment with other primers such as pastel primer, which is so much cheaper or even gesso. Will let you know how they work Lewis.

Another great piece to study Lewis, fabulous drawing skills.

Thank you Russell and Carole. I'd be interested in how you get on with the primers, Carole.

Great drawing Lew, love it, could be straight out of one of the books by one of my favourite authors Terry Pratchett. Great stuff.

Such fabulous drawings and characters Lewis!

What a great imagination, Lew. Glad you're back on form, as it always brings a smile to my face.

Great characters!

Great stuff Lewis seems to me based on this it’s a perfectly good way of starting a picture.

Love your work Lew.

Excellent characters and so well done lewis.

Glad I found this little beauty, Lewis. It's full of human behaviour, with concerns and characters galore. Great imagination. Bri

So much to take in - great work, Lewis

Hang on Studio Wall

Losing the plot a little bit. Not doing anything I intended to do. Decided I must draw something...drew the character at the top, intending to make a page of random drawings. Then thought I'd make a picture of it...not the best way to make a picture. No real idea what's going on...an underwater world? A fantasy anyway.

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