The months in a spat. Sketchbook. Pen & watercolor.

Global Warming-small

I think you have that about right , Lewis , - we are expecting temps in the region of 23 - 28 degrees tomorrow - and that is the first of Jan 2020. Happy New Year to you and yours - and every other reader.

A very clever and funny idea Lew, and then I thought about the serious side of this and thought about climate change etc. However much we like to whinge about the weather, how would we (will we?) cope with no seasons? 🤔 certainly makes you think. Apart from that, Happy New Year!

Good fun, sometimes looking at things light hearted is a good thing to do. Happy New Year to you and yours.

Hard to read on my size screen but great fun. happy New Year Lewis and keep on drawing.

Serious thoughts mixed in with the comical, very well done Lewis. Happy New Year when it comes!

Great idea, well portrayed, have a good New Year.

An interesting but thought provoking concept. Excellent as ever.

Keep working that great imagination and drawing talent Lew, regardless of time or season. A priceless, magical combination.

Super...funny and serious all in one go. Have a lovely evening Lewis. and a healthy and artistic New Year... thanks for all the joy you brought POL in 2019!

Thank you all very much for your comments...I wasn't sure about this one.

Great fun Lewis. Brilliant illustrations as usual. All the best for 2020.

This made me laugh Lewis and we need cheering here in the west as its freezing at the mo. Great cartoon having the months ordered by a committee it would be a recipe for chaos perhaps even more so than we have at present. Bring back the good old days when we new what to expect.

Fabulous. Lew, love it! ;) Happy New Year x

Clever fella that you are....had a giggle...then thought about it.

brilliant again Lewis. happy new year and keep them coming..

Posted by Bob Ward on Wed 01 Jan 17:01:20
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Did this a few weeks back...wasn't sure whether to post such a daft thing. It's about a serious subject really. But the year's about to turn, so it's now or never. Hope you can read it.

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