Unlikely electioneering. A3 sketchbook. Pen & wash


Oh yes! And you’re right, it is all too depressing, but at least this made me smile.

Best emigrate whilst you can , we appear to be well catered for compared to what these jokers are offering !

Good one Lew, and bang to rights. If any of them can make me a better artist, they would get my vote.

How true but who pays? Excellent cartoon though.

Great posting and SO true!

Thank you all very much for your comments. I must confess I'm not very politically motivated, I vote for who I think will do the best job...so I'm really stuck for this election. I don't trust either of the main contenders. Contentious stuff this...I'll be glad when it's over.

There's always humour in the grimmest of situations .well captured.

Wonderfully expressive Lew .

Super humour to diffuse the seriousness of the situation Lewis. Great stuff.

Oh so glad you haven’t covered the election Lewis. At least Churchill was honest when he said. “All I have to offer is blood, sweat and tears.” But it got us a victory.

Vote for what's best for you, but please vote that's what matters.

Good one, Lewis, and yes, so very depressing, especially when you're disenfranchised as we are, yet really affected by it all!

We need to see humour in the grimmest times, Lew, and thankfully, you do. Whoever invented arthritis didn't have the round table lot in mind..(-:

You ought to be doing the cartoons in - shall I say 'The Daily Mail' or not!

Very good and sadly partly true. I always vote so I can complain when promises disappear like snow in spring.

Hope we are still laughing after this election, hope my passport is still in date! Thank you Lewis for all the laughs this year.

Thanks again for all your great comments on this little bit of nonsense. (Unfortunately it's not complete nonsense.)

Hang on Studio Wall

I was going to do a couple of pages of 'election' sketches in my A3 sketchbook. This quick small sketch is as far as it will go...it's all too depressing.

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