Tutu much.

Tutu much-small


Great stuff Lewis. The weight balance is very convincing, I imagine not easy to do. I dread to think where you get your female models from!! 😂

Start the day with a laugh. Thanks Lew....(-:

Brilliant title as well as the image, Lewis.

Great characters and drawing.

Love this - a smile for Saturday and a great drawing. I actually like the plain background as I think it gives greater prominence (and weight!) to the figures.

Poor lad. Hope he doesn’t have to do that too often. Great stuff Lewis. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this dreary morning.

This made me laugh, Lewis. Brilliant.

Brilliant expressions of effort and fear of being dropped on their faces. Made me smile- as usual!

Thanks to all for your comments, very encouraging and much appreciated.

Another titter from me too, brilliant Lew.

Too too funny...brilliantly drawn as usual, Lewis!

Another brilliant image Lewis, the thighs the limit!

Really like how you have done the poor chaps costume Lewis. It makes the whole subject sing.


Give that man a medal and a truss! Lol super Lewis.

Brilliant, Lewis, your characters are always so full of life!

Eat your heart out, Strictly. *grin* It really is superb, Lewis, with the strain of maintaining the balance giving the viewer a feeling of impending doom. No wonder he's sweating. Excellent! Bri

Thanks again to everyone for your great feedback on this little pic.

A laugh on a wet day !!!

Hang on Studio Wall

Something for an idea I had that I'm not going to proceed with. This is why I left the background clear. But an OK drawing, so I thought I'd post it. In future, I'll leave the ballet stuff to Gudrun.

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