The Great Snail Race-Fantasy

The Great Snail Race-small

You don’t know why you chose. Well there’s a big pink toadstool in the centre might give you a clue lewis. Like this, you bring your subjects to life.

Thanks again for your comments. What I meant by 'don't know why I did this' was 'why' a snail race? I'm often using snails in my pics (??). We're influenced by things going on around us...John recently posted a painting with a snail, the November challenge is all these things lurk in your mind. So, something emerges...but maybe I'll try some magic mushrooms as well.

Hang on Studio Wall

Fancied doing a fantasy pic...don't know why I chose this. About 8 x 10 inches, mixed media.

About the Artist
Lewis Cooper

Self taught. Love drawing. Like to make pictures up, without using reference pics, often in cartoon style. I do other pictures where I do use reference. I'm knocking on a bit, born in 1940 in Greenwich, London. Retired, and loving it.

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