The Great Snail Race-Fantasy

The Great Snail Race-small

Bizarre but cleverly put together as usual Lew! Could be one for the November Forum challenge?

Simply brilliant, I don’t know how you think them up Lew, but please keep them coming.

Whacky and brilliant as ever Lew. (-:

Love all the shapes, colours and variety of creatures.

You don’t know why you chose. Well there’s a big pink toadstool in the centre might give you a clue lewis. Like this, you bring your subjects to life.

Wonderful work Lew !!!

Thanks very much for all your great comments.

Just love this Lewis, you never snail...

Fabulous Lewis - is John suggesting the influence of a magic mushroom feeding your imagination Lewis?

Great storyline and illustration.

Thanks again for your comments. What I meant by 'don't know why I did this' was 'why' a snail race? I'm often using snails in my pics (??). We're influenced by things going on around us...John recently posted a painting with a snail, the November challenge is all these things lurk in your mind. So, something emerges...but maybe I'll try some magic mushrooms as well.

Really fun, love the spider placing his / her bet!

Your imagination and tremendous skill never cease to amaze, Lewis...keep ,em coming!

How do you think of them? - great work

Just love your fantasy stuff, Lewis, always makes me smile! (Look forward to seeing one of magic mushrooms!)

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do Lewis, once it comes out of your head, it comes alive!

What an imagination you have Lewis! Always love seeing your work here and now I guess you're thinking about magic mushrooms :)

He doesn't look very happy, no 3 seems to be out of the running. Fab as always Lewis.

Oooh I do hope you're going to write a story to go with it. I can't wait to seen what happens.

Hang on Studio Wall

Fancied doing a fantasy pic...don't know why I chose this. About 8 x 10 inches, mixed media.

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