Jobs that are no longer advertised. A4 Sketchbook. Pen and colored pencil.

Jobs that are no longer advertised.  A4 Sketchbook.  Pen and colored pencil.

Wonderful Lew, and plenty scope for more hopefully.....(-:

Always great imagination. Is there room for photo retouchers on the list?

More super stuff, Lew, and once again they are highly entertaining. My maternal grandfather was a wheel tapper at Newcastle Central Station, pretty much for all his working life. He didn't marry until he was forty so I was very lucky to be born! *smile* Bri

Thanks to all for the great comments. Stephen...there's a big list of obsolete jobs. I suppose photo retouching must be ALMOST a thing of the past. It's more a case of do I want to draw them? For example VHS rentals jobs must be stone dead now...but not much to draw there. Brian...I had an Uncle who, when I was a nipper, told me he was a 'Wheel-Tappers Mate.' He said he held the wheel-tapper's coat while he tapped wheels. As a sprog, I fell for this line for a few years.

Love it, Lewis, great characters and very entertaining!

Very nice and funny!

Great ideas and work, Lewis

Hang on Studio Wall

I came across the used denture salesman while looking for something else on the net. It was apparently common across Europe, including the UK. I've never heard of it, a bit before my time, and I doubt it's something that people would admit to. A yucky thought, but fun trying to visualize the salesman. Surely it can't be true. .

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