Allure. A4 sketchbook. Pen and Wash.

Allure.   A4 sketchbook.  Pen and Wash.

Wonderful, Lewis!

Great stuff Lewis, I love the s all’s on the line! 😀

Thank you Anne and Frank.

Fabulous! What more can I say?

La Vi en rose, er well, yellow then....Wonderful Lew,,,(-:

Great stuff Lewis. Love the eyes.

Thank you Tessa, Jim, and Carole. Well, I have to admit it, and Jim's spotted it...I've lapsed back into my make-believe Paris without intending to.

Great work Lew but judging by the size of the lady, think they should be Bridget Jones on the line, 😂😂😂

Love it Lew. My daily chuckle.

Ah, such elegance. Brilliant, Lew. Bri

Haha this is fabulous Lewis. Her whole character is summed up... a real Parisien 'Mrs Bucket' !

Thanks to all for your encouraging comments. You've gone all technical on me in the knicker department, Linda...maybe they've shrunk...I'll ask her.

You are so talented Lewis.

Hang on Studio Wall

Stay calm, Fellas. (All I seem to do lately is these quick sketches, can't seem to settle on anything else. Still, at least I'm drawing something.)

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