The Art Connoisseur.

The Art Connoisseur.

Morning Lew, it’s bin day here today. I wonder ,could I just tip one out and charge some outrageous price? Hmm maybe not, off to “art” class later to do something properly sensible! Good point well made. I’ve been following on the Forum even if I haven’t commented. I love your bloke and the look on his face!

Like it Lew, as old the saying goes” a picture paints a thousand words”.

Marvellous social comment. Hard know what art is now but maybe it's the emperor new clothes!

Very nicely summed up Lew. Says it all.

Do you not think the tastefully arranged detritus, slowly piling upwards and focussing attention on the rubbish in the bin is not art? Surely the small bin is symbolic of our tiny planet in the vastness of space, the rubbish on the outside representing man's growing inhumanity to the planet, and the rubbish inside reminding us of the normally unseen destruction we are inflicting on the heart of our Earth Mother.

why do I feel that he prefers the dead calf in formaldehyde ? obviously not extreme enough. He isn't "moved" by the piece. Love it .

Thanks to all for having a look and making a comment about this piece of nonsense. I know what art is and isn't for ME PERSONALLY, and that goes for each of us. Tony...a brilliant argument, you've made me think I'm much deeper than I thought.

Enter it for next year's RA summer exhibition Lewis!

Just brilliant Lewis.

You can tell what he thinks of "modern art"! Great expression.

Splendid work , that just about sums it up

You could easily have named this one The Emperor's New Clothes since I think the art world is rather like that. Super illustration!

Hang on Studio Wall
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A quick sketch based on some rumblings in the Forum. I'm a bit vague on what art IS, but I'm very clear on what it ISN'T. A4 sketchbook pen and wash.

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