Blue Sketchbook. ZZZzzzz...a nice drive after Sunday Lunch.

Nice drive after lunch-small

See plenty of this kind of driving. Superb illustration.

Maybe driverless cars wouldn’t be such a bad thing! Nice one Lew.

I can just imagine the snoring!

Great pen work Lew, the dogs head in the wind is excellent.

Brilliant, love the dog with his fur pushed back by the wind and his “smile”

Brilliant yet again Lewis, your powers of observation are second to none.

Thanks very much for your great feedback, it's very encouraging. I added the dog almost as a last thought, Dixie. To help suggest that the car is moving (not parked).

Fabulous Lewis.

Love it, really made me smile - especially the dog’s joyful expression!

Brilliant. Would love to see what happens next!

A scary scenario but so well drawn, Lewis - with the dog enjoying the wind in his fur!

Lol.....that’s a good one Lewis, and so true, we all love a snooze after Sunday lunch.

Thanks again to all who've had a look, and taken the trouble to comment. Appreciated!

We have all seen this ! Only you could think of sketching it.

Hang on Studio Wall

Less of a joke...more like a horror story. (Blue water-soluble coloured pencil.

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