The great poet ANON. Number 1. Betty Botter.

The great poet ANON.   Number 1.  Betty Botter.

Great stuff Lewis and a good choice to use photoshop I look forward to seeing more.

Illustrating is a real strength with you Lew. Great work.

AmazIng. My.mother always used to say that "a bit if better butter makes a bit of better batter", but she never could say where it came from. Now I know. That's a very old poem Lew. Thank you

Thanks for your feedback, I wasn't sure how this would go. Yes David, some of these 'anon' pieces are very old, and some obviously new. My book just gives 'anon' or the authors name. But I'm sure you can found out more on the net...I just think they are clever, or funny, or both.

Really great stuff, Lewis. Yes, indeed, very old sayings, I can hear my granny saying something similar. Looking forward to some more!

How do you do it Lewis? You are a genius.

keep them coming , Lewis , - do you keep a specific sketch book when you start on a theme idea like this ?

Thank you Thalia, Carole and Mike. Mike, I don't assign a sketchbook for this theme...but, by chance at the moment these ARE in the same book. I've done four so far. I'm doing the drawings in watercolor and pen, but compiling them using photoshop, mainly because my lettering is so awful.

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There are hundreds of 'poems' by that famous person ANON. Thought I'd do some pics of them. My picture posted yesterday, was supposed to be part of this series, but I've decided to do it differently. A4 watercolor sketchbook. Watercolor. Compiled in photoshop so I could use the writing is awful.

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