Boscastle harbour, through the bluebells

Boscastle harbour, through the bluebells

Really like this, Lesley...i know Boscastle from many years ago...but never saw any bluebells!!

Thankyou Thalia, it was those bluebells that attracted me, there was many including white ones, very rare I believe, glad I captured them...

This has turned out really well, Lesley, in particular your boats. Not an easy subject. Well done.

Ah lesley I was looking at your WIP earlier so this makes sense and has turned into a lovely painting of a difficult scene. I posted a painting of a section of the sea wall a while ago, and it’s a fascinating place to paint with wonderful colours.

Oh Lesley this has turned out really well. Your colours of the sky, grass and water are great and I like the addition of the bluebells. Well done, this was a tricky painting but you managed it so well.

Thankyou Ellen, glad you like my boats, I read an article, a while ago, giving explanation of making sure you don't sink your boat. Lol. It must have stuck in my mind...

Thankyou Tessa, that wall is one I've thought about, but maybe one day I ll give it a go ha ha.... It is a lovely place to paint.... I have enough ref material to keep me going till the next visit.. 6 week to

Thankyou so much Margaret, I have finally faced this scene, not to be missed, ok it was the bluebells that attracted me...... More bluebells to follow.,.... Then the dreaded Padstow scenes. Lol...

You've made a great job of this complicated subject Lesley.

It's turned out well Lesley, a good idea of yours to let us see the WIP stages to guide you through.

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A real challenge, so many different shapes and sizes to contend with, I have never painted boats before, or bluebells.... I did use the Forums WIP , so thankyou to those who took an interest.. I can see why many artists find this a hard subject,. This is painted in oils on a 20x30cm stretched canvas. With a lot of trial and errors. I hope you like it. I m very pleased I finally painted this scene. I have kind of by passed it for other beautiful scenery in Cornwall.

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