"Think he's one hungry Tiger"

"Think he's one hungry Tiger"

Tha’s an amazing result from memory. Could never achieve anything solely from memory.

Pretty good from memory but I would like to see some pupils in his eyes.

Gosh that's clever from memory Lesley, I would not be able to get so much detail from my memory!

Thankyou Carole, the are a few details missing, but great fun. Thankyou Linda, the pupils are there, but I wasn't sure how they needed to be, I would need to look at a reference picture to find my answer, hence I would have been a cheater. Apologies for the pun.....lol Thankyou so much Margaret, I sure you could, as you have a lot more experience than I will ever have😊

Mesmerising and those eyes!

Thankyou so much Heather,

Hang on Studio Wall

Soft pastels on black velour,. Had so much fun with this one. Straight from my memory, no reference used. A good experience, testing and trusting my own instincts .lol ..

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Hi, thankyou for taking an interest in my artwork. Ive always been known to be the creative one, spending years encouraging art activities for children to get creative. Now in my later years I became inspired by the cornish coast. I started to sketch what i saw in june 2016 .Im a self taught…

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