David G (16x17,300)

Wow...Hi David .

Sylvia - Thanks! You made me laugh!

Where do you find them?

This is David Gandy, a fashion and fitness Model. I used a headshot, the rest, is my composition.

Wow, I’m with the girls on this one Skylar! Yes I see the likeness.

Ooh er....... it's so unfair, really, isn't it? Here am I, 70 years old and .... well, let's face it (or let's not) flabby; a body descending southwards; muscles like bits of string .... no, no, stoppit, I'm lovely really! And then there's 'im; the swine. Ah well.

Carole - Thank you, also. Every now and then I just have to paint "beefcake".

Robert - You crack me up! I,too, am in my 70's. Those golden days are gone for me, also.

Thank you, Romila!

Wow ! Amazing ! I like the subject and how you paint so realistic

Lovely eyes Skylar, I like the window in the background.

Anne - Thank you! I had a very good photo from which to do the face.

Denise - Thank you so very much!

Lovely hair, the face features are well depicted Skylar.

Excellent work Skylar, is this actually a selfie? .

Kwok - Thank you! Since this is a real person (face), I took special care with the features.

Paul - Thanks! Flattery will get you everywhere.

Hang on Studio Wall

A portrait of David Gandy. 16x17. The face is from a publicity still.

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