Garden Studio

Garden Studio (11x14,300)

Lovely composition, like the touches of highlights, magical.

You are really led down the path feeling the sun!

Romila - Thank you so very much! I know it seems antithetical, but Landscapes are the hardest for me.

Nicola - I really appreciate your observances. Thanks!

This is delightful Skylar.

Thank you so much, Denise!

Lovely scene especially with the light on the path leading your eye down the path.

I want to be there!

Christine - Thank you! I'm always looking to interject light into a scene.

Diane - Thank you! This is basically my little studio which I had in L.A.

Christine - I ment to write "inject". Note - I am aware of grammar because of my mother. When I would write letters home, she would answer them; and include my original letter, complete with corrections.

A lovely scene with the studio in the garden, the colours certainly express the beauty with grass and dainty flowers, and the path with highlights!

Angela - Thank you for commenting!

Lovely painting, love the shadows and light.

What a lovely painting!

I don’t often feel pleased about being led down the garden path! Well done!

Judith - Thank you! This took more time than I had expected as I changed directions a few times.

Thanks so very much, David!

Linda - Puns are fun. Thank you!

Hang on Studio Wall

A little week-end fantasy. 11x14. Impressionism.

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