Waiting (17x13)

Dogs are so faithful and patient. A lovely study Skylar. Looking closely at the chair and footstool, you have painted them so well showing the creases, the stitching and the little areas of wear and tear on the leather. Super painting and a nice memory for you.

Michael - Thank you for being interested in this image! It was actually quite emotional for me. I sat down, and painted the whole thing in one sitting.

Thank you very much, Peter!

A wonderful painting Skylar.

What a great painting Skylar the details in the furniture and the sag and warmth of the colours are excellent

That is a really beautiful painting and evokes much emotion. Just love the pose of the dog!

Aww to cute lovely painting

Superb artwork Skylar , I just love the cold chair . The whole painting is great and very moving , reflecting your loss.


This actually brought a tear to my eye Skylar. What a lovely chap he looks. You know, I still can’t bring myself to hang paintings of my dog, yet I can look at photos of all the pets we had and remember the lovely times. Strange.

Beautifully painted, Skylar, and the dog’s expression says it all.

Certainly an eyecatcher , Skylar - subject matter and execution - a wee beaut.

Brilliant! I can just imagine sinking into the soft leather. The dogs expression is marvellous

Super soulful painting Skylar!

Thank you so much, Denise!

Neil - Thank you! The earth tones are a favorite. I have painted that chair a few times over the years.

David - Thank you! I ran across a picture from a walk, with that head down. At the time, I thought I'd never use that pose...

Faye - Thank you so very much!

Paul - Thank you! Loss is a pain we all deal with. Some harder than others.

Thank you, Tony!

Marjorie - Thank you so much! I, too, can't have my photos around yet.

Jenny - Thank you! That pose...yes.

Mike - I appreciate you comment so very much!

Hillary - Thank you! It was a bit cathartic to paint this one.

Linda - I thank you for the kind words!

Lovely reminder of all our lovely dogs over the years - painted with great skill. Beautiful Skylar!

Maureen - I appreciate the compliment. Thank you!

Shaun - I am pleased you like this image. (Rather personal for me) Thanks so much!

Lovely Skylar, you must miss him of course. That chair is superb!

Diane - Thank you! Yes,het's only a couple of months gone (after 18 yrs).

Beautiful work, Skylar.

Cesare - Thank you!

So evocative Skylar the dogs body language is well known to me.. Your attention to detail as always spot on.

Leslie - Thank you very much for your comments! Even tho I'm an Impressionist by nature, I am also an emotional painter. This image was very special to me.

Love the mood captured

Georgiana - Thanks so very much!

A superb painting with amazing textures.

Bob - I am so pleased you like this. Thanks so much!

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Sorry, No Walk Today... This was inspired by all the wonderful paintings recently of furry friends, and a desire on my part to again celebrate my pal, now gone. 17x13.

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