Tears On The Stairs

Tears On The Back Stairs

Amazing Skylar - your paintings are breathtaking in their beauty.

This is so nice, I like the style and colour harmony.

I like this Skylar. It has the 'feel' of some Vermeers...a sense of solitude, quietness, and in this case...sadness.

Another excellent painting Skylar. I do like your paintings within paintings.

Shaun - Thank you so very much! Your words made my heart race.

Kwok - Thank you very much! This is my favorite palette for interiors.

Lewis - Thank you for your thoughtful observations! The painting in the painting is one of mine - which I called "Lake Renoir". To even be associated with "Vermeer" is a real Ego Boost.

Paul - Thanks so much! Apparently, this particular approach will occur again.

Another great painting within painting

Romila - Thank you!

Hang on Studio Wall

A narrative. Orig.14x18. I had an idea about love between haves and have-nots. Impressionism. (Don't know where this environment came from. I hate painting so many straight lines.

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