Apple, red

Apple (9x12,300)

Love the deceptive apparent simplicity of this , Skylar; also that it looks like I could reach out and eat it! God bless, Andy

It is perfect. Lovely.

Excellent rendition Skylar!

"Painful"- Thanks so much!

Linda - Thank you so much!

Andy - Thanks so very much! It feels good now and then to just be technically accurate.

So real, beautiful illustration.

I could eat that Skylar!

That's an incredible painting!

A perfect apple!

Kwok - Thank you very much!

Shaun - Thanks! (but, too late... I ate it.)

Thank you so much, Judith!

Ellen - Thank you!

Katy - Thanks so much!

Hang on Studio Wall

9x12. Sometimes I just want to do an illustration...

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