Portrait of a long-distant cousin.


Fascinating Michael. A very beautiful lady with a purpose.

Interesting portrait Michael, love the colours.

Love that info, very scientific Michael! Your portrait is beautiful I love that touch of turquoise.

Great face. I admire your vigorous handling of paint, you can see each brushmark.

Fabulous face and expression and, as always, imagination.

Thanks Gudrun, Lewis and Heather.

Thanks Val-Irene. Comment helps me be more confident about a personal style.

Excellent Michael you are one talented man

I think you have inherited her beauty genes Michael. Before I read your write up and the title, I imagined it to be the Irish in your blood with the wonderful emerald highlights. Really love how you are painting with oils.

What a brilliant portrait this is Michael!!

A beautiful portrait, Michael.

Thank you Fiona, Russell and Ellen. My genetic beauty is only surpassed by your own Scots/Irish genes Fiona, which are remarkable and stunning. I am enjoying oils. I like to try and follow the style of Malcolm Liepke and John Larriva. It’s a bit like the CID, you win some and you loose some but you have to move on and put failures behind you.

I looked up the artists you mentioned Mick, I love Malcolm Liepke‘s work! It’s quite extraordinary and compelling.....and such enigmatic and beautiful subjects.

I know you’ve followed Seago Fiona. You hit the target. It seems the right thing to do; to aim for what you like. I feel I can get closer to Larriva but still miles off. Having a target is worthwhile though.

Yes, Seago and Wesson’s work, I would copy and copy when I first started painting in watercolour. I wanted to get so much from so few washes and brush marks, I wondered at how they managed to get a perfectly believable landscape with little on the paper! Eventually with practice you leave some of it behind and slowly something of yourself appears. It’s having the confidence to branch out by yourself ......and little gems, sometimes happen. I love your portraiture work, it’s individual to you, no matter where it started.

Yes, I experience all that Fiona. If we compare our arty personalities I see your carefulness and my roughness. If there’s nothing else that art has taught me it’s about my heavy handed, eight inch wrist approach to painting. Genetically, it must come from thousands of years of applying labour power in Ireland and Siberia. You; a fair Scots/Irish princess, light of touch beauty, inside and out. So, it’s Beauty and the Beast. Anyway, if I have improved it’s in good deal about you constant encouragement and kindness.

Kissing the Blarney stone works then! Lol 😂😘X

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A Native American girl. Oil on mount board. We both share mitochondrial (female) DNA Haplogroup A. My Haplogroup sub-Clade is A12a which is believed to have originated in Asia, Siberia, between 30,000 to 50,000 years ago https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haplogroup_A_(mtDNA) Another sub-clade of A Haplogroup are Native Americans who originated also from the Siberian Haplogroup.

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