First Snow

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This is done beautifully, I love the colours.

Oh, this is a beauty, love your use of mixed media, works a treat. Very clever.

Thanks Paul. I was trying to get the feel of Autumn into Winter to add more warmth rather than stark trees.

Thanks Heather. I do enjoy starting with collage as it adds more scope to the working process. The different textures can produce interesting effects too.

Hang on Studio Wall
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For this snowy landscape I started with areas of collage and then painted into these areas with acrylic paint. Further pieces of magazine images and handcrafted papers were added including trees placed on their side to form areas of the foreground. Scratches in the trees and foliage were also added for more definition.

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Kathy Gales

As a very young girl at school I remember painting a picture of a boat on the sea. It was probably just a red and blue splodge but I was commended for it and from then on I fell in love with trying to make recognisable images. My early work was mostly detailed drawings but later I started to…

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