Evening Light

DSCN4051 - Copy1

Wow, fabulous effects Kathy

That is superb!!!

Thanks Heather. The copper itself gave me much of the effect. Very good surface for atmosphere. I've just bought another piece as I enjoyed working with it.

Thanks David for your encouraging comment.

Wow, like the effects on copper and evening light as you mentioned.

Wow, spectacular lighting effect.

Thanks Romila and Jacqueline. I'm just about to show another version of this picture on the gallery as I had to repaint much of it after a varnishing disaster!

Hang on Studio Wall

So now I've had a go at painting on copper. My verdict? Tricky but I loved the gorgeous colours it produces as it glows through the paint. I used a scraper tool to take off some paint in areas so that the copper could act as warm highlights and also as the glow in the windows. The copper definitely added to the effect of evening light upon a sleepy town.

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