Sunlit Gardens

Sunlit Gardens

This is absolutely charming, Kathy, I love it. Beautifully thought out and carefully constructed composition. Well done!

I'm not normally a big fan of collage, but this is a lovely well-contrived piece of art. There's a lot of texture here, which gives a sense of volume. The beehive is a great point of focus.

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To begin this picture I used collaged papers, sweet wrappers including reflective foil and torn up magazine images, selecting the greens and mauves carefully. The beehive was constructed with cut up paper to form the straight lines and to add a 3D element. I built the greenery and flowers up in layers as if painting with paper and then added acrylic paint loosely to pull the piece together. Some more collage was added to enhance and add vibrancy. Some of the lettering found on the sweet wrappers is still showing and in fact forms the highlights on the trees!

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Kathy Gales

As a very young girl at school I remember painting a picture of a boat on the sea. It was probably just a red and blue splodge but I was commended for it and from then on I fell in love with trying to make recognisable images. My early work was mostly detailed drawings but later I started to…

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