Seed Head

Seed Head

That took something i havnt got.......patience...

I use modelling paste sometimes Kathy but not like this. It really works well and I like the concept of regeneration and the seed heads.

Very effective aka they, lovely.

A very effective method used and the end result looks great!

Kathy this is lovely

This is super Kathy, I love it!

Hang on Studio Wall

This was done to fit a given theme of regeneration for a competition. It was my husband's idea to do a dandelion seed head, the seeds dispersing on the air to start again elsewhere. I used modelling paste together with lots of thick white gouache paint to give depth to the surface.

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As a very young girl at school I remember painting a picture of a boat on the sea. It was probably just a red and blue splodge but I was commended for it and from then on I fell in love with trying to make recognisable images. My early work was mostly detailed drawings but later I started to…

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