Design for a linocut V2


Heather, thanks for your comment on the version I posted earlier - I deleted it to make a couple of changes.

This looks great to me, and excellent design.

Very atmospheric :)

A beautiful design Jenny.

I really like the design Jenny.

I like to see the raw beginnings of a piece of art work Jenny, and even more so when it’s a medium that I love to see and admire. A medium that I’m still at the very basic level of understanding and putting in to practice. Alway admire your sinuous style and designs, looking forward to seeing the end result.

Love this design. Can't wait to see the finished piece.

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments! I’d better get started on cutting it now - the difficult bit! (Fiona, my linocutting is also at a pretty basic level and always seems to follow the same format each time. I will need to start being a bit more adventurous on the next one! I do, though, like monochrome prints, so probably will stick with that.)

Good balanced design Jenny, go for it!

This will be a lovely finished piece.

What a lovely scene beautifully achieved. Can’t imagine the difficulties and challenges lino cutting involves Jenny.

Excellent Jenny looking forward the finished print. So good to see the process of your work .

Many thanks Dympna, Alan, Sylvia, Carole and Paul for your kind comments!

Lovely design Jenny.

Lots of potential in this one, Jenny, though not too sure about the trio of birds (?) beside the moon.

Thank you, Katy and Frank! (Think the birds will stay, Frank, they add a bit more life and movement to that corner of the design.)

Thanks, Maureen!

Lovely design

Thank you, Sara!

Hang on Studio Wall
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I hesitated before posting this as it’s rather messy! I’ve made a lot of changes to the design I posted previously and have blocked in the black areas with pencil to see how it might look when printed, otherwise I’m always disappointed if I go straight into cutting it and invariably end up starting again. It’s a rather simple design - I envy those who can do complicated linocuts - but it’s the way mine always seem to work out!

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